(a more detailed inquiry into the deeply unimportant origins of curses!! books!!! can be found here)

about me

I am editing a terrible book and writing its terrible sequel. I read a lot of books. Some of them are terrible and some of them are not terrible. I curse books with vigorous four-letter words, but also with actual dark magic, which I am learning how to do from the fortress of fantasy novels in which I reside.

I’m in my twenties, I live in Chicago, and I go out of my way to avoid dire peril. A book about me would probably be boring.

about this

words suck iconomicon

“I’m like the Internet concentrated into a frozen can, like lemonade
only if you add three canfuls of water I don’t turn into a refreshing beverage but a flood of unsolicited opinions that don’t matter”
–me to Sarah, 8/12/2013



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